Paul Oswald


Paul has always had a passion for electronic music, but it truly began to flourish in high school when he started attending electronic music events in Seattle. At first his interest was only in the music and the events that he would attend, but eventually it would evolve to include the art of DJing as well. To further his love of music and interest in DJing he began taking music theory courses during his time at the University of Washington. Shortly after, he bought his first controller and began learning the basics of DJing.


In Paul’s senior year of college at the University of Washington he came together with friends to form the UW EDM Club. The purpose of this club was to unite fellow lovers of electronic music, provide introductory courses on activities like gloving, DJing, and music production. The club united with the local bar Dante’s in the U District to throw bi-monthly events and to provide up-and-coming DJ’s the opportunity to play their first gig and get more exposure.


Over the past few years Paul has gone from DJing in his bedroom to playing house parties to playing at bars and now to playing at DJ Mag’s 2016 82nd ranked best nightclub in the world, Foundation Nightclub. In his short tenure he has had the honor of opening up for the following artists: John Dahlback, Jack Beats, Otto Knows, Vinai, Botnek, Bixel Boys, Sam Feldt, Dinka, and Funkagenda. Paul’s passion for electronic music and DJing has only just begun and continues to grow each day.